Uncle Paul’s Toilet RAVE!

It feels weird to say that Pip & I started working together in 2006, but it is true, we’ve been making noise together for nearly 5 years now and the last time I performed alone feels very much like a distant memory. ┬áThis year I’ve promised myself I’ll change that but for now, just before Pip & I head of on another tour, I’ll just have to reminisce.

Below is a recording of one the last solo shows I played, it’s from Uncle Paul’s Toilet Rave at the Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading, it’s a sloppy mess but it’s nice looking back on what I once considered great now isn’t it! I distinctly remember the visuals guy playing a little too much porn, also that there was toilet roll everywhere, but other than that my recollections of that night are based on this recording…

Tracklisting… dan le sac – Jones / dan le sac – Fly / Radiohead – dan le sac is an idiot / Rick James – dan le sac is a superfreak / Elastica – dan le sac is connected / dan le sac – Tubby / Subtle – sac Craze / Only fools and horses – dan le sac on Hookie Street / Sonic Youth – dan le sac Can / Bob Dylan – dan le sac is changin’

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