The dan le sac & Friends Tour 2012!!!

EVEN though I’ve moved away from this blog to, I thought it might be wise to post the tour on here just in case anyone has missed it in the move!

I’m only going to be able to tour this once, especially when I’m bringing lots of guests with me so if you can come, please do!!!


1st – COALITION, Brighton (artisttickets) / with MERZ
3rd – HOOGA, Chelmsford (artisttickets/ with MERZ
4th – WATERFRONT, Norwich (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
6th – ACADEMY 2, Oxford (artisttickets/ with MERZ
7th – JOINERS, Southampton (tickets) / with MERZ <— NEW DATE!
8th – SIN, Swansea (artisttickets/ with MERZ
9th – CAVERN, Exeter (tickets<— NEW DATE!
11th – WEDGEWOOD ROOMS, Portsmouth (artisttickets / seetickets)
12th – GUILDHALL, Gloucester (artisttickets / seetickets)
13th – CLWB IFOR BACH, Cardiff (artisttickets)
15th – ACADEMY, Leicester (artisttickets)
16th – 53 DEGREES, Preston (artisttickets / seetickets)
17th – BARFLY, Camden, London (artisttickets / seetickets)
18th – CLUB ACADEMY, Manchester (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
19th – LEADMILL, Sheffield (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
20th – WELLY CLUB, Hull (artisttickets/ with MERZ
21st – ENGINE SHED, Lincoln (artisttickets/ with MERZ
22nd – PORTLAND ARMS, Cambridge (artisttickets/ with MERZ <— NEW DATE!
24th – BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB, Leeds (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
25th – NORTHUMBRIA UNI, Newcastle (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
26th – KAZIMIER, Liverpool (artisttickets/ with MERZ <— NEW DATE!
28th – THE DUCHESS, York (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
29th – SUB89, Reading (artisttickets / seetickets/ with MERZ
31st – BOILEROOM, Guildford (artisttickets)


PS SCOTLAND & IRELAND - I am utterly gutted that I haven’t been able to sort any shows for you yet(!), but I promise that I am doing my utmost to make some happen!

Going, going, gone!

Yes indeed, I’ve finally moved away from to, it’s taken me ages to get round to but I’m glad I did, the new site is looking sweet!!!

Everything that was here is there, mixtapes, remixes, bumps, live dates will all appear, nothing will change in the level of erratic postings and garbled messages. Now it’s all just found a prettier home. Come visit!

PLAY ALONG Video & Remixes out now!

Kinda clear what this post is about from the title isn’t it?! Anyway here is exactly what it says on the tin!

You can grab the remixes and original on iTunes, Beatport, and 7″ Vinyl.

Space Between The Words

July 9th is a pretty damn good day for me, it’s the day my record comes out, and if you haven’t heard me rant about already, in short, it’s dope! Featuring collaborations between Myself, Merz, Emmy the Great, B Dolan, Pete Hefferan, Sarah Williams White, Joshua Idehen, and Fraser Rowan.

You can pre-order the CD or Vinyl from Sunday Best, and the digital on iTunes so far, more soon!


So finally the first track from my debut solo album has popped up online! Exciting no? Read about it on the Guardian website or just listen below! WORD!

Vocals come from the wonderful Sarah Williams White, you can find her here!

BUMP #27

I find myself listening to a lot of solo females with guitars lately, Mrs Le Sac seems to be able to sniff them out, it’s one of her powers. She also stumbled upon Ghostpoet, Esben & the Witch & Gallops before I’d seen a single word typed about them, that’s not a power though, I’m just showing off on her behalf. In the past few month’s the acoustic lady fodder has been mainly focused around these three ladies who I’m thinking you’ve already heard…

Cold Specks -

Mirel Wagner -

Lianne Le Havas & Willy Mason -

Cold Specks seems to take top spot for me, I think that’s about hearing pain, not just sadness, in a voice. What that says about me I do not know.


BUMP #26

Much has been written about how Karin Park sounds like Bjork, but the Bjork she sounds like doesn’t really exist any more so that’s fine isn’t it? Anyway, no matter who she sounds like, you can’t fault Christoffer Berg’s (The Knife) production. It’s dubstep without the wubs, dubstep without the dancefloor.




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